5 Tips for Travel Sickness

If you, or your children, suffer from travel sickness it can really interfere with the pleasure of your trip. We’d like all our passengers to enjoy their journey with us. Here are some natural tips to help prevent nausea and sickness.

  1. Avoid eating for an hour before your journey.
  2. Ginger is well known for helping to reduce nausea and can be taken in several ways. Crystallized ginger is widely available – check the Baking section of your supermarket. Ginger is also available in tablets from Health Food shops. You could make your own Ginger Tea (fresh grated ginger infused in boiling water) to drink before you set out.
    Crystallized Ginger
    Crystallized Ginger
  3. If you start to feel sick, try to keep your gaze fixed on the horizon or a fixed point.
  4. Don’t read while you are travelling, or focus on your mobile phone. This makes travel sickness worse. Its better to watch the world go by, or listen to music to distract you.
  5. Tell your driver. Ask to sit at, or near, the front.

And of course the same applies in your car – happy travelling!


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